Jesse Dyen is proud to announce the release of his first full-length commercially available CD... It's called Contents Under Pressure...inspired by his daughters website.

You can listen to some bits and pieces, write reviews, and check out other independent artists...

Some sort of tour is in the works, the wheres and whens to be sorted in due time...but hopefully I'll be at a "theatre" near you before long...

Jesse Dyen reaches in through your ears, grabs you by your wit, and quickly dives into your memory. His songs explore the strengths and frailties of the human condition, describe an evolution of indulgence and asceticism, and employ his remarkable voice to orchestrate a melodic, soulful brew.

In a world where marketing and media often take the place of substance, Jesse stands out as a lesson in sincerity. His spirited voice quickly turns heads. His songs are literate, both musically and lyrically…instantly familiar yet wholeheartedly unpretentious. He plays keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion, harmonica, and various kitchen utensils, and pours spoonfuls of vocal harmony into the mix.

Following various self-produced home-burned collections, Jesse has teamed up with Producer/Drummer Andy Kravitz to record Contents Under Pressure, his first full-length CD release. With the aid of some of Philadelphia’s finest musicians, the vintage equipment at the Brickhouse, and a few of Jesse’s hard-disk bedroom recordings, they have crafted a radio-friendly sound that quickly sinks its hooks into your brain.


Andy Kravitz has engineered and/or played drums on records by Taj Mahal, Joan Osborne, Spearhead, Billy Joel, and Cyndi Lauper. Pete Donnelly plays bass with Graham Parker, as well as The Figgs. Scott Bricklin is a member of 4 Way Street, and is one of the most sought after studio musicians in Philadelphia. All of the above are producers and engineers in their own right, and all have performed with Simon Townshend. Jay Davidson has toured with Whitney Houston, is on records from Aerosmith to Amy Grant, and is currently on the road with the Funk Brothers.

Jesse has been performing solo shows in the San Francisco Bay Area since he moved there in 1997, accompanying himself on both piano and guitar. While living in Philadelphia he played keyboards with Matt Sevier, and then in Slide, which made a record with Grammy Award-winning producer David Ivory (Erykah Badu, The Roots). These bands opened for Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper, Matthew Sweet, Gov’t Mule, Derek Trucks Band, Jimmy Buffet, Peter Himmelman, and even Hootie (at the Bayou in Washington, DC).

On the West Coast he has performed with Grandaddy, Chuck Prophet, Barbara Manning, and Bob Forrest. He plays keyboards in a Bay Area jazz/funk band called Happy Turtle, and has appeared on albums by Walter Earl and Warheads, to name a few.

Jesse has been collaborating with his brother, Jeremy Dyen (Fathead, Blivit) on a project that should be released later this year. He has also stage-managed many concerts around the United States.



© 2004 Jesse Dyen